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How to view MySQL database names, usernames and passwords

Go to cPanel > “MySQL® Databases”, located under “Databases” section.

In the middle of page, you will find a “Current Databases” list, where you can see all databases, and assigned users for each MySQL database.

“Database” column displays the name of each database.

“Privileged Users” column displays a privileged MySQL username, corresponding to a database.


To view MySQL database password, do the following:

If the site is already installed, you can go to website configuration file to see the database password which was automatically generated when the website was installed. For example, in case of a WordPress website, the database password, which Installatron automatically generated when installing WordPress, can be viewed in “wp-config.php” configuration file, located in website's root directory.

If the website is not already installed, you can not view the database password in a configuration file, but you can change the database password in cPanel > “MySQL® Databases” at the bottom of the page, in “Current Users” section.


If you change the password for a database user, you also need to configure that exact same information (database, username, password) in website's configuration file, so the website may access your database.

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