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Upload files to web hosting via cPanel

Go to cPanel > “File Manager” (located in “Files” section).

Navigate to the directory (or folder) where you want to upload the file, using the left side of File Manager screen.

Click the Upload button at the top of the screen to open the file upload page.

If the file name you want to upload already exists inside directory, take care to click the checkbox “Overwrite existing files”; if you are uploading a new file, you do not need to check this option.

Click “Select File” button > then select the file you want to upload, > then click “Open” button.

Now you should see the progress bar of the file uploading. When this progress bar is blue, it means the file is being uploaded; when the progress bar turns green and displays “complete” text after below, it means file has been uploaded successfully.

Click on “Go Back to [...]” text, to go back to File Manager. Reload the page (shortcut is F5 key on desktop browsers) to display uploaded files inside directory.

cPanel > File Manager does not support direct folder upload. If you want to upload a folder or multiple files in hierarchy, you can first archive the folder with files in a zip format. After uploading the compressed archive, use File Manager > Extract (from top menu) to decompress it

File Manager only supports file uploads up to 100M. If you want to upload larger files, please use FTP to upload them.

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