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Install Joomla via Installatron

In cPanel > Featured Applications section > click “view more” button.

After a new page is loaded, type “Joomla” in the search box located at the top-right of the page, and press Enter key to search for the application.

After searching out the Joomla app, click the “Install this application” button on the top-right side of the page.

On the Joomla installation page, select and fill in the appropriate content as follows:

In the “Location” section, select the domain name to use and fill in the specific installation path.

In the “Version” section, select the Joomla application version, language, content, whether to agree to the terms, whether to automatically upgrade and update backups. Generally, the default option is used; if you need to adjust it, please modify it yourself.

In the “Settings” section, set the administrator username, then set the administrator password, administrator email and website title.

In the “Advanced” section you can choose to configure advanced management. In case you are a novice, it is recommended to select the option “Automatically manage advanced settings for me”.

Lastly, click “Install” button to complete the Joomla application installation.


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