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WHOIS Privacy Protection

Protect your identity from hackers and spammers

  • Protects agaist identity theft
  • Eliminate domain related spam
  • Prevent domain name hijacking
As low as $3.99/year per domain

What is the WHOIS database?

According to ICANN regulations, every domain registrar, including SugarHosts, is required to maintain a publicly accessible database called "WHOIS" containing the contact information for all registered domain names. Unfortunately, WHOIS has become a prime target for hackers and spammers looking to data mine names, email addresses, phone numbers and other sensitive information.

How does Privacy Protection work?

Instead of displaying your personal information in the WHOIS database for all to see, WHOIS servers will show the following as an example:

Domain Admin
Privacy Protect, LLC
10 Corporate Drive
Burlington, MA 01803
United States

What domain names allow Privacy Protection?

Not all domain registries allow privacy protection. The WHOIS privacy service is available for below domains.


ccTLDs: .AC, .AG, .BZ, .CC, .CO, .FM, .INFO, .IO, .LA, .LC, .ME, .MN, .PW, .SC, .SH, .SO, .TM, .TV, .VC, .WS

CentralNIC TLDs:


New TLDs:



.在线, .中文网, .移动, .みんな, .企业 .商店 .娱乐 .游戏 .сайт .онлайн  .بازار

Do I still have ownership of my domain name?

Yes. The WHOIS Privacy service does not change the owner of the domain name, it only protects your identity.

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